With all the access in the world, these celebs choose Preloved!

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja's birthday look was a floral crop top + skirt set that's  ideal for weddings | VOGUE India

 1. Sonam Kapoor has been thrifting since the age of 14 as she loves being involved with what she wears. Here is what she said at the Bazaar interview about her thrifting habits.

"I have to wear the clothes, so I'm very involved! I'm a Gemini, so I wake up every morning and I'm a different person – I love wearing things that express my mood. I've always bought vintage and been thrift shopping since I was around 14 years old, so I love being very involved in what I wear."


Keeping Up With Rhea Kapoor

2. Rhea Kapoor is obsessed with thrifting! Here is one of the snippets from her interview with Cosmopolitan.

“I’m obsessed with it. Because of my mom, I’ve had an affinity for fashion from a very young age. And gradually, I found that the best thing about shopping vintage or second-hand is that you buy what you genuinely like; it’s not trend-driven. You walk into a store and pick up what you get pulled towards. I love that idea! Also, there’s something very sentimental about pre-loved goods, that makes owning them special. Like, I have all these old coats and jackets from the ’50s that have women’s names initialled on them. Three of them belong to someone called Lady Dorris. I don’t know who she was, except that she lived somewhere in America. But she had great taste in clothes and now I’m enjoying them.”



3. Sarah Jessica Parker buys only second hand clothing for her son. After seeing the documentary, The True Cost about the labor and conditions in the fast fashion industry, Sarah Jessica is now thinking twice about buying new fast fashion.



4. In 2010, Drew Barrymore famously wore a $25 secondhand dress on the red carpet! She’s also cited her love of flea market shopping. It must be her impeccable style paired with her down-to-earth attitude that created that impression.




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